Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Love Your Blog!

 Jingle tagged me in a game and I am game to play along.

10 Things I love:

  1. My children (even when they drive me nuts)
  2. My Mother for always being there for me and believing in me even when she hasn't always agreed with my choices or decisions
  3. My sister for always listening to my sorrows and woes, providing me with a best friend forever and never forgetting that a little bit of fun is the best medicine in life
  4. My friends for allowing me the tears that needed to be shed , the time to explain what I needed to pour out of my soul and the wine to wash it down with
  5. My garden for giving me much needed meditation, direction and beauty
  6. Wellspring - as they provided me with so much emotional support when I was lost and soul-less. The hugs, smiles, soggy shoulders and kleenex helped to keep me here.
  7. Yoga for the way it lets the world just wash through me and make it alright. Plus hip-openers are just a beautiful thing. Ohm... ;)
  8. Sunshine for putting a smile on my face all the year long
  9. Seafood, LOOVVVEEEE any kind, all kinds, YUM!!!!!
  10. Poetry and the creative expression that comes with it (check out Jingle's Thursday poetry rally if you are a fan too!) Really, just writing in general. I love my expressions of writing so that I can release what trundles along in my brain. I love these people down here's writing because it makes me laugh, cry and generally smile. Words just fill me up and are generally just great!!!

I am going to tag;

Whether you play or not, is up to you. I just wanted to say that I like you! Have a fantabulous day!!


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