Thursday, April 8, 2010

In those eyes

Your voice comes to me from afar
   floating away
through the cotton of my mind.
Black vibrations that I drift from.

"Are you alright?" I hear muffled
  over and over again.

Where am I?
With floor cool to the cheek
I want to embrace the darkness
just lie here forever.


The voice becomes clear.
"Are you alright?"
Now I can see you,
  touch you
You are so close.

   Those eyes?
Have I seen them before?
   I am in them
(how can that be?)
Fear wilts in the corners
I smell concern
Confused, I am lost.

Eyes down
What does this mean?
Slowly, slowly.

"Stay there."

Clear as the night sky
as the wind whisks away
yesterday's clouds
You take care of me.

I can not.
I must not.
Find love in tender touches
They will not be there tomorrow
(will they?)

"How are you?"
Did I hear that?
What? No.
Where am I now...


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