Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greek styles

   Oh I am feeling fine today! It being Thursday, I have my regular dinner party this evening with N,D & E. It is always a great evening for a bottle of wine with friends and a play date for the kids. Tonight, dinner is at my house. So "hmm, what to cook?", I asked myself early in the week. Requests for french toast went out for the kid"s table. Duly noted and I will oblige. For the adults though, we try to pick foods that we figure the little ones will not appreciate as much as ourselves. Sometimes we serve up the easy fair of burgers to please everyone, but this week I am trying something different. 

It started with parsley. 
Then an onion got chopped. 

Out to the garden for some oregano. 

   Rummage through the cupboards for the olive oil, salt and pepper. Sorry, no freshly squeezed lemons today. The lemon juice comes from a bottle from the fridge. And the recipe calls for Worcestershire, so in it goes (yeah, I am using a recipe. I never do, but am making an exception today). What else? Oh, don't forget the garlic. Lots of garlic. Now that is freshly pressed and I even grew the garlic myself. I am down to the end of last year's crop though, so maybe not as much garlic as would otherwise go in. We are amongst friends though, so no need to make enemies with over-powering breath. 

  Now where are we? Yes, the meat. Can you guess what the menu is yet? The ingredients are all mixed together in one container and the meat cubed and thrown into a bowl. Oh, this is going to be good. The critter of choice today is pork, despite suggestions of lamb from the recipe. I just do not appreciate the fluffy little baa-baas. My house, my decision. 

   So, pull the sleeves up and prepare to get dirty. Let's mix 'er up! Oh, doesn't that look good! Well, maybe not to you vegetarian folk out there, so perhaps I will throw some tofu on the grill for you. I play that way too and there is some handy, so why not. Well now, we have to let all that goodness soak in. Marinate, if you will.

Beginning to salivate.
Perhaps I should go do something while I wait.
Cut the grass?
Spread grass seed?
Mop the floor?
Ah, I have waited long enough!
Let's get these bad boys on skewers!

And voila!
We have souvlaki. 
Accompaniments will be greek salad a la Nancy, rice, tzatziki and  pita bread.
And of course some wine.
There is lots, so don't be shy about wandering by.
The grill should be fired up by around 6:45.


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