Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to the Sugar Bush

   With the crispness in the air, but sunshine on my shoulder I decided it was time. A lazy start to the day, but I committed myself. I was  going. And you know what? I am glad I went. A road trip was in order. I do not know why I am sometimes so difficult to pry from the confines of my space. I love to get out and socialize, but when theory gets pushed to practice, I feel myself balk. I shirk thoughts and want to slide back underneath my rock. Not this weekend though. In fact, I only committed to one night, but stayed a whole nother evening. To be fair, a little bit of me expected that I might do that and I brought extra clothes just in case. As it was, it would have been almost midnight before hitting home, if I had left when the original thought went out. With two kids in tow? Silly ole bear. Tricks are for treating, not playing on oneself!

   So I stocked up on fresh air from Central Ontario (3 hour tour away). I gathered hugs and smiles from friends that I can call mine from decades past. Twas needed by all parties, to be sure. I thought of you as the hours ticked by and I realized that I would not join you for our daily visits. I twisted, but then relaxed into the company of friends. Earth hour was upon us and candle light by the fire is a pretty hard vision to run from. Yes, real life interaction is grand on occasion. To make amends, I will treat you with a few pics from my wanders though. We spent Saturday at the sugar bush collecting sap with buckets and fingers, then watching it boil down into syrup. Yum!

Alas alack-a-day eh.
I am back another day.
I shall try not to stray
too far away
from you again my lovelies...
After all the fresh air,
wood fires and
sugar scented scenes

Can you blame me?


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