Monday, March 1, 2010


I challenge myself today.

cold winds in a loosely flapping blouse
my hat blown away,
   thrown away
to leave a muddled head chilly
   with winter's last gusts
eyes blinking back tears
   from icy winds teasing and torturing
you want spring? Rebirth? renewal...

you are not ready

tender shoots of life
 can come from frozen heart
imposed darkness, will ebb
with sun's light and life
yesterday will always be there

Damn you for making me smile.
tears are falling
on a cold heart
afraid to look to the future
for love and life

my struggles with body
   wanting  and needing
all I want to do is cave
   give in to wintry embrace
all I want to do is love
  laughter and sunshine are there
I can almost see them

 turn my back on me
turn my back on you

how can I warm this poor soul
that can generate no heat from within
how can I rub energy into numb fingers
  curled over a former lover's cold caricature
Do I test tepid toes in the icy waters of lust...

Stop, please stop

just kiss me and lie to me
tell me that you will be there tomorrow
when all I want is dead flowers today


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