Sunday, March 28, 2010

Memories of Chobe

A perfume of trees
caresses my nostrils.
Amidst the thorns a
 baobab fills the air.
A skirtish impala
breaks through the bush
  and leaps,
while a baby scrambles quickly behind.

The smell is incredible.
The view,
I am in a land of age
that knows no age,
only sand and sun
and how to survive.

Breaking rain
soaks the earth
bringing green grass
  and smiles;
a long forgotten visitor
 to these parts.

Oh zebra, kudu
 giraffe and gnu
our telephoto eyes
will not harm you.
Beware the lion's deadly gaze.
The cheetah's leap
and leopard's fang
A constant graze of fear
   and survival.


Is that a wild dog I see?
It's glittering eye looking at me.
Off on a hunt
with the rest of the pack
to run down impala;
 a mid-morning snack.

Lazing on the river
in a mokoro boat.
Splashing at each other
when we're allowed out.

It's off to view a hippo
and maybe see a croc
Not to worry if they get to close
The polers are off like a shot.


How to spell tsessebe?
-A thought that crossed my mind
With its circled bum
You can easily see
This antelope friend of mine.


I saw a road closed sign today.
I had to laugh, I'll have to say.
For what is a road
in this land of sand?
but two tire tracks
going from pan to pan.

    These are poems that were written from the road many moons ago. The rough script in my journal can be deciphered, despite the bouncing location they were written in; high atop an overland truck, our mighty Samil. The poetry is a little weak in my opinion, but I appreciate the images that they put forth, so I thought I would add them as a continuation to my African tales. Oh, and the animal mentioned in the second to last poem was incorrect in its description, for those of you that may know. A Water Buck is the antelope with white circular markings on its behind. A tsessebe is more comparable to a North American deer. Enjoy. I wish you a safe road to travel as you wend your way through life...


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