Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winding down...

Just having a little fun today.

The kids and I hit the mall one more time.
I know,
but they had to get something for Grandma!
and then I forgot about the babysitter.

Every year I think I am done and then one more thing pops up,
and then another, 
and another.

I am never quite done until Christmas Eve
when the mall doors close
and I sit back
to turn my focus to wrapping.

That is never done until late Christmas Eve
when the kids are in bed.
Christmas carols play softly 
on my sad excuse for a stereo
and a rum and eggnog sits primly
by my elbow
waiting to fill me with cheer.

But you?
How are you doing with your Christmas prep?
Are your cookies baked 
or bought :-}
Are the presents made/paid for,
wrapped and waiting under the tree?
or are you still scrambling,
 trying to figure out what tree,
and where to put it?
never mind decorations!

Well, the days are winding short.
Perhaps a quick mulled cider
will give the inspiration needed
to hit the stores Christmas Eve
with a flurry of spirit,
spunk and savings
and you can wake
Christmas morn
to cheer
& love
for all


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