Friday, December 3, 2010

MK - What Have You done to Me!!

I went to meet
Ms Mary Kay.
On wares aplenty
my eyes did play.

Fine food was served,
but not to us.
We got rice
Drowned in thick, gooey sauce!

With faces washed
and colours picked
We dabbed and swiped,
Twas a palette thick.

Well, thick enough
to cause a fright,
as my eyes turned pink
later that night!

Oh woe is me
with delicate skin
For MK’s products
left my vision thin.

I type this now
with vision fair,
But this morning’s visage
was a different affair.

Puffed up eyes
And red rimmed lids
A spectre wild!
That’ll learn me kids!!

So, no makeup for me.
My face will have to stay bare.
Unless I want to appear
As your worst nightmare!

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