Monday, December 27, 2010

Dinner Time

Meal time at my house;
Yeah, not a fun thing at present.
I make a meal,
any meal, be it liked or no
and then commence to nag!

I take a bite of my food,
then say "eat".
I take a sip of a beverage,
then say "Eat".
I stare at my daughter,
then say "EAT!"
and at some point thereafter
I lose it

I have threatened no dessert.
I have threatened no stories.
I have stated that this meal
will be served for dinner tomorrow,
but no one cares.

Do I?
Hell yes, as I am beginning to feel like 
the Wicked Witch of the West!
Eating my meal
with fire in my eyes
and evil in my heart
ready to screech out my hollow wrath
at the drop of a fork

She says she will eat her dinner 
"when she is a Mommy"
I tell her she will never grow to be an adult
without food in her belly,
but unblinking eyes register
She is not a Mommy yet
and will eat when she is good and ready
and apparently
my battles that I wage alone
are not so uncommon,
but I still wish
that this phase would pass...


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