Sunday, July 8, 2012

Morning Muse

The water laps against the dock that I perch on. A mug of strong coffee sits inches from the journal that I write in. Three girls excitedly explore the new world around them, in awe of the beauty that it holds.

And so they should. It is beautiful.

They have every reason to admire it. Green, treed hills surround the lake. If there are cottages around us, its hard to tell. No man-made structures mar the view. Only little crests of white foam punctuate the surface of the lake. A rock or two peak out of the surface of the warm waters closer to shore. Sure, a pontoon boat drifts forlorn just along the coast, but with the lack of human population, we can imagine that the whole world is ours and ours alone. Peace, laughter and tranquility are all that is asked of us. We comply.

This is day 1 of our stay at Coldstream Lake. This is my piece of Maine for a week. The sky offers an azure welcome that can't be beat. Well, maybe more a baby blue, but geez, it sounds nice. Looks it too! Any clouds that accentuate its canopy lie on the perimeter of the lake's edge. It is going to be a lovely day! The promise of swimming, canoeing and several more smiles fills the air. What else can one ask for? Ahhh!

The only thing that would make it better, would be...


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