Friday, February 3, 2012

First Stop on the Author Trail

The audience shifted in their seats. Excitement crackled round the room and filled the air with expectation. Gentle murmurs were heard in anticipation of the stories to come. A throat was cleared. A chair scraped.

Then silence...

This was it. It was my first stop on the author tour.

"Allow me to introduce...
        Rylie's Mom!"


Isn't this how all famous authors get their start? They get ten minutes of fame on the kindergarten circuit before fading into oblivion once again. Well if this was it for me, I went out with a blaze of glory that included take home gifts of personalized fan mail in the form of cheetah pictures by all my baby's classmates. Plus,  they hung on every word of my African tales, with eyes like saucers on the gory details.

And darn it all, it felt good! 

Heck, I even managed that riveting account in 55 words (in case you didn't notice), so go tell G-Man & see what he has to say! Any bets it will be something about a Kick-Ass weekend?



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