Friday, September 2, 2011

In Tandem #8 - Looking in the Mirror

by Natasha Head @ The Tashtoo Parlour
Some days
I cannot look myself in 
the eye...

Thoughts swirling,
in chaotic reds, 
burnt orange memories
smelling of
yesterday's mistakes

No amount of tears
can wash away 
this jaded gray,
as blue drops
splatter across a 
face that refuses to 
own itself

in that orb
of innocent eye
I see me
curled on the floor.
& I'm gone...


Thank you to Jinksy riding the Tandem this week for a little inspiration.
I saw a lot of hurt in Natasha's picture
and it reminded me of some painful days of my own
in days gone by...

If you are interested in checking out more poems and stories from the photo prompts
go check out In Tandem and choose between the two pics. Enjoy!


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