Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Winter's Day

Late last night
on my little side street
sat a city truck
with flashing lights replete.

My heart it sank
as questions began to mount.
What was going on?
What fresh hell could I now count?

 Early this morning
my fears were realized.
 A knock on the door
brought bad news, I surmised.

"The water'll be turned off,"
a man clad in orange declared.
A water main break;
The cause of this new despair.

So we watched from the window
as a hole was dug.
Morning entertainment; cool!
For another snowy day funk.

Well, on the seventh day of December
the numbers began to add.
Would you care to do the math
for my wintry woes comrade?

12 yellow flags

11 Tonnes of dirt (or something like that to fill the hole in the road afterwards)
10 AM - When I went out with coffees (and to survey the damage)
9 AM - When they started to dig

8 AM - When they knocked on the door
7th Heaven - for me as they plowed the driveway & brushed off the van (in appreciation for coffee)
6 Big orange pylons
5 City workers

4 Cups of coffee (plus 1 tea for the poor guys stuck out in the snow)
3 G-Tel vans (line locating crew)

2 City trucks
and 1 Back hoe to dig the hole...

 Happy Winter Days my friends!
Oh, and I am jumping on early for One Shot Wednesday this week. Enjoy!!


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