Monday, September 28, 2009


Autumn can be a beautiful time of year. The falling leaves are pretty and litter my house, due to another lover of nature in my midst. Last year, T's cubby at daycare had no bottom, for the leaves that accumulated there. I can spy two pretty red, yellow and green maple leaves tucked under a toddler chair from where I sit. Goodbye summer!

The weather has changed. Fall has definitely arrived. Time for the shorts to say goodbye for another season. The sweaters and dreaded socks must be pulled on. All the canning I have done this fall should have been an indicator, but the wind and clouds have blown away my smiles. I am going into hibernation. Inaction seems to be creeping in. A few more batches of canned treats to make, just to fill the hours.

How come I cannot just wake up when my life returns to spring? So much work. I do not feel like I have the strength or will to make it happen today. Maybe another day.


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