Thursday, November 22, 2012

People in the Blogosphere

I just finished checking out a few blogs.
These blogs were written by people who 'liked' a post that I wrote for a client.
"Cool," I thought. "Let's check out their blogs!"
Until I popped open said blogs
and came across 3 seriously weird sites
  1. A numerology, Church of Christ blog that was somehow trying to predict/prove the existence of God & the blights that he is raining down upon us for our awful transgressions via the manipulation of numbers - Spooky? I think not
  2. A single and very grumpy woman who pretty much hates everything from cleaning, to men, to it almost sounds like herself - with lots of clandestine, pig-Latin swearing for shits & giggles
  3. Another nihilist-style blogger making lists of lots of bad things that have happened in the world that speak of our eternal damnation - or something like that
Well then.
Not nearly as cool as I thought on first glance.
I wrote about Christmas and Open Houses
and some generally pretty cheery stuff today

yes, well...

All I have to say is
The Blogosphere is an interesting place.
Long live bloggers!

Is This Guy One of the Bloggers That Perused my Blog
and Liked It?


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