Friday, September 7, 2012

Ode to Summer

As much as January is a time of rebirth and renewal, September isn't far behind it. Children return to school. Summer holidays cease and routines begin again. Reality seems to come crashing down with the gentle waves of time with it. Sigh...

It is time though. I am ready. I am going to try to renew some writing here, even as other changes transform the rest of my world. It has been too long and I miss this creative space. On that note, I will toss a little ode to summer poem into the ring for my friend G-Man's perusal and see if he will take me back into the Flash Friday ring.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

I skipped through summer,
like a school girl without care.
Lazy days by the water,
only to be thrown in unawares.
Idle books dangled
with pages flipped, like none were there.
Who cares!
But September stole in,
now Responsibility -
So I’ll write those memories
to keep close
as winter glares.

Goodbye summer river!


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