Friday, December 16, 2011

A Rainy Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas
Outside, who’d guess?
Rain and gusty wind
Replace white stuff, no less!

Nary snowflake, nor snow bank
For Santa to mount
But those hungry reindeer
Still have green grass about

So while I debate rainboots
For my midday stroll
I pray that Santa still visits
To fill up my soul


Oh G-Man, how is Santa ever going to come, if he has to drive those soggy reindeer through the rain? I am sure they will just stink up the house to high heaven like wet dog! We better leave out some towels too, so that Santa can sop up his dripping boots, or else I am going to be ticked. There are only a few days a year where the house is sparkly clean, and you better bet that will be one of them. If I have to remop the floor, well...

I guess I will dear Santa, because the kids said they asked for a new car for Mama and I've been very good this year!



  1. awww...i hope santa is good to you....leave big stockings you never know...guess all the reindeer will be munching grass along the way...started raining here today...a little sleet too...and it was 76 yesterday...crazy

  2. Dearest Kat...
    You've been a very good little girl.
    Spreading positive energy and joy throughout the World. You are loyal, supportive, gracious, creative, talented, a wonderful Mother, and a fantastic friend. You deserve anything your heart desires. Make your list, and male it to me.
    Love Santa.
    And while you're at it, Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. @Brian: Do you think if I left my stocking outside he would tie it to the antennae of a new(to-me) vehicle? My luck it would be a bicycle, I suppose.

    It rained yesterday, but the temp dropped drastically today and tiny little fluffs whirled on the wind, but I can still see the cords of the Christmas lights. Oh well, easier to drive my new bike in I guess, right? :)

  4. @G-Man: Awww, thanks Santa-G! It'll be in the mail tomorrow!!! Do you think you kind send a tall, dark and handsome fellow to deliver said vehicle too? I know cars ARE your department. :D

    Have a kick ass weekend yourself Galen. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  5. No snow here either, but I'm OK with that. But not to worry about Santa, kat. How could he resist such terrific kids. I'm sure mine have asked Santa for a car, but I doubt it was for their mom.

  6. This is so cute! Hope you get that car!

  7. @Patti: So I have competition in the car department. Darn! Oh well, I will be happy with new socks too. :)

    And Patti, we woke up to a wee bit of snow here this morning, but odds are that it won't stick around for long. Fingers crossed though.

  8. @Mama Zen: I will keep m fingers and toes crossed MZ, but don't think I will go to the length of holding my breath. Merry Christmas to you & I hope Santa brings you all you ask for!


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