Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday's Email of the Week: Friends Forever

Saturday's Email of the Week

Day sped away 
gym, glowing games & gabbing girls
friends ♥ forever

I have a very good friend of mine visiting today, so have been away from the computer. Wonderful, but I noticed that I didn't have anything prepared for you. Ack! As I have spent many an hour laughing, giggling and chatting the night and day away, this little joke is all that I have come up with on last notice. You are lucky that I love you all and am willing to share this little Christmas present that I got.

Merry Christmas ladies!

(Pst. Shall I send him your way when I am done with him Ron?)

Santa sent me an email stating he's tired of delivering toys.  That he's too old to be flying all night across the globe and that starting this Christmas, he's sending his son, Santa Jr. . . .   
HO HO HO . . . .
Merry Christmas my dear friends, behave so that Santa Jr. goes down your . . .chimney  :)


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