Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Tandem #5 - Golden Heart

Soft caress
a kiss of wind drifts 
gently 'cross mountain pass
Down the valley
to the forest floor

Lo, the hot breeze 
drives in without forgiveness.
Fresh leaves, but a memory
swept away by
Autumn promises

Now parched images
all that is left of you
as sun sets steady
behind the bulk
of your memory

I draw your lines
hold your visions strong in mind,
yet I am too small
to ever spy the
golden heart that was you


M'lady Jinksy
holds a weekly prompt
by the name of In Tandem.
I showcase one of her beautiful paintings
and make attempt to capture her art
in words.
If you are interested,
every week she posts 2 pictures
on Wednesday
and leaves a link open for the week
for inspiration to flow
amongst others.


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