Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The End of the (OSW) Year

A Christmas Poem



what then?
haiku for you
to read, analyze, and rate
against doting peers

that doesn't thrill me
although it fits

brave, artless
rhyming, scheming, plodding
this isn't going anywhere

Lord, this is the last OneShot for the year!
Pressures on...
here we go.

The Christmas goose
and Christmas gander
just set loose
for a little wander
where to? they wonder
as their route around
they did ponder
with trailing fox none too confound
A stop upon a little mound
helped the straggler
to make up ground
and sneak in a littler nearer
Feathers flying to the sky high
alas the fox is left with nigh Christmas chicken pie.

Oh, feckless words!
what sonnet is this?
that tries my brain
and poetic nerves
with none a thought
you do deserve
the trash heap abyss
no more to strain
a pen's sweet curves
Ai- just flow is sought
but for today, I will away
and grace One Shot Wednesday with A New Day


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