Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine to Self

Valentine to Self

A lovely post that struck a chord for me. I think that I could use more self-love. So perhaps a Happy Valentine's Day to me today.
Here goes then, ten things I like about myself;

1. I am a compassionate soul that wants to reach out and heal all those around me.

2. I breed beautiful, sensitive girls

3. I am not too horribly hard on the eyes (Ok, ok, I think I am reasonably attractive)

4. I have been told I have nice coloured eyes and I will go with that (light brown, if you are wondering)

5. I think that I have a gift for words and images, that maybe one day will produce a book if I can stick with it

6. I like to bake and am happy to report that I am fostering this love in my children

7. I love to garden and appreciate the gifts that are given from the Earth.

8. I am good at getting down to children's levels and making them feel recognized and important.

9. I try always to treat all people as equals and not discriminate against others for their differences. Appreciate the differences, or at least try!

10. umm, hmm; I am not afraid to try different things and look forward to new foods, new places (oh travel, bring it on!) and meeting new people (big groups kind of freak me out still , but I am trying to get myself out there and push my envelope when I can)

There, that wasn't so bad. I am not going to look at this too much or I will revise and criticize. I do not need that today. Happy Valentine's Day to you today. and to me. Hugs


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