Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter winds

   Alas, No windows today. The wind is howling and it is darn cold. My guy did not want the windows to crack and I don't really want to have big gaping openings as he maneuvers windows in place. Yes David, I have broken down and admitted there is something I cannot do. I cannot install windows. In truth, I do not want to install windows. I am super-Mom extraordinaire, but I have to put my foot down somewhere. So, no windows for me. Actually, I even cheated and had a friend install one of the light fixtures I bought. Again, something I have never done, but have seen done so many times I feel I could do it successfully. I told someone that asked me how I know how to do all my little projects (ie. mudding, sanding, etc.) and my answer was osmosis. When you play assistant time and time again, you really do pick up most of the tricks. It just requires one extra little thing called confidence. Or maybe obstinance? Stubbornness? Hmm, ah, we will give me the benefit of the doubt and just call it a sense of safety. Still hold a good wallop of fear over electricity, engines and most power tools. I am willing to push my envelope though. I try.
   So, since I am released from window detail today, I should probably pick up another task. I did some grocery shopping and need to cut some roasts up to put in the freezer. Also bought a colourful organizer cart for the girls for their arts and crafts. Some assembly required. And I also picked up anchors finally. No excuse now not to finish hanging the last of the living room paraphernalia. Off I go then. Bye!


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