Saturday, January 9, 2010

Contain the new

Frosty sunshine
fills me up with
winter smiles
Too few for any decent body to withstand.

Crunch, crunch
go stomping feet
as laughter peals out
over white and blue you

Ice is everywhere
treetops, eavestroughs
dripping in my heart
Carefully melting in sun with wintery edges

Why heart o' heart
should you melt this way
is not your ice intact
for another day?

It holds me close
Secure in a vise
thoughts held at bay
shards broken and diced

What? broken
why diced?
Not today with play on the way,
.... but on horizons advice.

A new day
A new year
A new start
Let go the fear

So sunshine, o' my sunshine
make me happy
I pray of you
For all the days of yesterday
  cannot contain the new


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