Thursday, November 12, 2009

A red rose fills my vision, brain with energy shared for the day

Smiles return.
Coffee with a friend
meet, laugh, share, chat.
Beautify me!
Hair shimmers in rainbow dreams.
Gorgeous red, yellow, blue, indigo streaks.
No charge for that extra. Ahhh

Panini to go. Warm and toasty
nutrients for the tummy.

Soothing thoughts, voices fill the afternoon
Peace and love through energy channels
straight into open soul
bliss and a shoulder that sighs in satisfaction
wonderous smiles and hugs
vibrating golden glow
hold it for longer
hold it for always.
Remember to find it again
The Body will remember again
The knowledge is there, sliding into cells
wonderous touch
Cascading into friends eyes
 and future finds

fill our tummies with more yummy yummies
a meal fit for a fairy king in a children's parade
no tears, but of laughter
no fears, but of time sliding away
life is today
life is all days


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