Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rainy November Day

It was cool and rainy this afternoon. The chill has slipped into my bones and I feel lethargy creeping in as well. Dinner is a kid-friendly affair (chicken fingers, fries and carrot sticks from the farmer's market to add a healthy edge), as I do not have the energy to encourage eating for an hour. No fights please! I suspect a bath might be in order this evening to give the feel of a warm hug around me. Fire logs might even grace the hearth for the first time this season. I still have not got around to getting any real wood, so make do on a chilly evening. My therapeutic touch class this afternoon was lovely as always, but I think it unravelled an emotional hiccup in me. I feel low energy. Take care of me tonight. Loving kindness. I offer a kiss to my heart centre and hope that my love will sustain til bedtime. The dinner bell rings...


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