Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sick Baby

   So my day started out fine and normal, as noted. Special day this as I have thrown in many comments today. Field trip was cancelled, but not overly surprising. I managed to get some shopping done, raked some leaves, ate lunch and talked to someone about sharing a ride to my therapeutic touch training that starts tomorrow. I was even offered some temporary work for a few weeks. Life is good! I go to yoga, infuse about my TT and new book club that I have joined before class and slide in to relax. My phone rings half way through class. Never good. It is the daycare. Worse. They never call unless there is a problem. R has sprouted a fever. Ack! First thoughts, H1N1, followed swiftly by thoughts of the perfectly healthy 13-year old boy that died earlier this week from it. Panic!! I flew into daycare and the poor thing was flat out on their couch. She looked up and said "Mommy". Motrin helped to bring her fever down once we got home. She even ate some. I was redosing her just now though as the meds had worn off and her temp was spiking. Not a very lively girl. I suspect there won't be much sleep tonight, if her meds wear off in the middle of the night. My poor little girl. Sleep well and dream of cool blue refreshing waterfalls and gentle white snowflakes melting away your fever as they land on you. Sleep well world.


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