Tuesday, April 1, 2014


No slap on the wrist necessary. We are all fallible. Goal-setting is important, whether we reach the final mark or not. Sometimes we need to test things out before we figure out if it is a good fit or not. Or if our objective is even attainable.

Is my objective attainable? Well, with my attempt to write about What's On in London, the answer is possibly, but not probably I suppose. In theory it should be easy! I wrote articles for a client every Thursday highlighting what was going on around town, but I had it scheduled and, more importantly, charged for that service. I felt a certain level of responsibility to ensure that those posts went live when they were supposed to. 

As far as me writing them for myself and others here (for free), my will is slightly softer. I do want to do that, but life gets in the way. Paying clients come first. A given, as they help pay the bills. Children require a certain level of attention, as does my partner. I try to fit in personal goals, like hitting the gym, grocery shopping and occasional coffee dates with friends. My needs aren't high. But apparently neither is my drive.

So today I remind myself that - That is ok!

I can do whatever I set my mind to. If it doesn't get done today, maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Or maybe it's not worth doing at all...


a half-full jar
fills moments with joy and bliss
to balance sorrows


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