Friday, June 8, 2012

Sun-Kissed Wings

Please excuse my absence. The dust bowl outside my door gets larger by the day and I run from it. I try to escape into the garden in the morning, before the noise of passing dump trucks drives me inside. Oh yes, the reminder of the workload waiting is not to be forgotten either. 

As a respite, I have even spent time in another garden plot, wiggling weeds free of their homes between rows of tomatoes, peppers, peas and beans. The work renews me. It refills my faith in life and fairies' song. I was given reminders yesterday. For that, I returned to my garden plot once more today and was given the gift of poetry, as I rested beside my square of dirt. Blessings that I accept with open arms.


Sun-Kissed Wings

hello in a stranger's smile
shared on hands and knees
toes still wet
from early dew
This morning's prayer to please

dirt encrusted fingernails
dusty filled-up lungs
sweet songs shared
from swallow's flight
and colour wheels that run

How long shall I need this pause?
When does fleeing stop?
When sun-kissed wings
of butterfly's flight
fills this heart to the top.


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