Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Summer Night

The dark surrounds me. A gentle hum from the air conditioner precludes a cricket's chirp tonight. The heat is enough for me to believe that it's summer, but nocturnal noises don't hold many natural vibes tonight. 

The dog's bark only suggests a tussle with his increasing shadows in yonder yard. I ignore the cat's meowl to join me for a nightcap. 

A hint of a breeze stirs the wind chime overhead and I lift my gaze to the sky. A new moon won't hide the stars, as they slowly peek out from behind the sun's skirt. It has left me for the day. The sun that is. Now my moments are filled with a calm that only the night provides. No running is necessary anymore. 

The faint indigo is almost gone from the western edge of the world and I am quiet with my thoughts once more.

This moment of quiet, this moment of me, is a gift that I recognize today. Only a few years past, I would have rued these empty hours, afraid of the thoughts they would have spawned. Those thoughts have made me who I am though. What I am is still evolving and changing, but there is a quiet strength there that allows me to believe in me and the powers that be. Faith brought me tomorrow, when I couldn't fathom how to spell the word. Perseverance pushed me to see the next sunrise. Optimism reminded me that I would see a rainbow once again. 

And so it has.

Tonight, I sit in idle reverie awaiting my night-time prince on horse of thunder (the new beau rides a motorcycle my dears). Irritatingly small wisps of bugs fly up my nose, into my hair and nibble at my ankles, but I refuse to give up the warm air of the first night of summer. Just a touch more breeze and all my worries will be blown away! 

And so it is...



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