Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love Me

   Thank you, thank you for all the encouraging words my lovies! Some days I just go, go, go and feel energized by the productivity. I crossed a few other things off my (mental) list since writing last. NO, I am not totally mental, thank you very much! Again, thanks for the support! Oh, that's my right brain teasing me. Oops.  Maybe you are as well, but I digress. My other activities were not near so exciting as the list that rolled onto the floor and out the door yesterday. Check mark on making eye appointments for myself and both the girls (first time for my littlest baby!) and picking up eye solution, so that I do not have to peel my contacts from my eyes next week with tongs. I hear you say "Oh glamorous!" and ignore you. For those of you who have been bugging me (mostly my brain again. It is my biggest critic) I finally got my knee looked at. An unexpected opening, so zapped with the old radiation and wait to see if anything comes of it. The rest of the day will find me sifting laundry perhaps (the life of a house wife doesn't get any better! Really!!) and hopefully writing. Probably better stuff than this blog post. I can put on a happy face though and pat me on the back for my little accomplishments. A few phone calls finally made. It is the little things that count. Some days I do not remember this or believe this. I try to remind myself of a comment my Uncle made to my Aunt of three young children many years ago when she was stressed out and upset at the end of the day.
  "Did the kid's eat today? Did they have fun and laugh at all? Did you all survive to the end of the day? If so, it was a good day."
   Don't beat yourself up for what you didn't do. Applaud yourself for making it to the end of the day. The sun is still shining (even if there are clouds in front of it) and your heart is still beating. Someone out there loves you (maybe me!). Maybe it should be you!


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