Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye Christmas

   I prevail! The Christmas tree has been stripped of its decor. I pulled and pushed, grappled and grunted and finally managed to yank it from the house with a satisfactory POP! I dragged it kicking and screaming to the van. It managed to grab hold of a lantern hung by the driveway with care, but the lantern could not save it. With a crack the lantern let go and the tree faced the final goodbye. All the doors on the van stood open, as I debated what was the best way to squash it into the confines of my automobile. I pushed it in the side door and jumped out to try and pull it from the other end. For my efforts, I was stuck by a handful of needles. The tree would not give up easily. Anon, I pulled the tree back out again and attacked from the rear of the van. Again I jumped into the van and pulled with all my might to wedge the last of the Christmas cheer into my van. It was time! It is the 4th of January already. The time is well neigh, but the tree fought back with needles itching into whatever contact I offered it. It desperately tried to stick it's top out the back door, but a bend at this rate was nothing to fear. The love was lost and I wanted my house back. Another few grunts and pushes and the door was slammed shut with finality. After sweeping and vacuuming up the last of the evidence, it was time. I headed out to the van. As I opened the driver's door I was assaulted with the scent of pine. A sweet smell that I love, but I would not be swayed. I turned the key in the ignition and we were off. The poor tree tried to block my view in a last ditch effort, but it was no use. We arrived at the depot and a mountain of discarded trees met us. So much love. Now done. I opened the door and was hit by a wave of the aroma of pine. I truly appreciate the smell, but Christmas was over. I yanked the tree out of the back of the van, with a few prickle pinches for good measure. I propped it up and wished it well. A fond farewell to the holidays. May you find a new home in mulch for me to enjoy next spring! I thank you for  the season. Merry christmas is done. Goodbye.


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