Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Gift

I have oceans surrounding me
   on my pillows.
Salty hair catching
   love thoughts from cheeks
Beautiful shadows
pass briefly through
day dreams

   I am living.
   I have lived.
   They are gone...

If I blink,
will I miss them?
Thoughts and cares
   given and gone.
Do I value enough?
Have I cherished enough?
Every tear drop
   a gift from yesterday's song

A passing gives us stop.
The stop offers a dawn
For all the crushing waves
   light flickers
Even dark
  a dark of nowhere
The dark is not complete
  sparkle, fizzle, sputter
Somewhere a gray dawn

A hand emerges
Accepting, offering
My unasked for gift.
A screamed for need
Silent eyes begging for mercy
  And you were there.


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