Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Shopping days left!

The days have slipped to hours
and still I shop some more
desperate for some eggnog
GROCERIES, God another store!

I've done  a Christmas letter.
The cards are in the mail.
Oops, I forgot Western cousins!
A New Year's card will have to prevail.

Gift cards round out shopping lists
(The babysitter needs her due)
And the LCBO comes to save the day
I think I am almost through!

So now I haste to wrapping
The presents are stacking up high
A bow on a bottle and ribbon on bags
Oh Lord, where did the time fly!

Santa's cookies are baked
Teacher cards delivering this aft
Broccoli and cauliflower need prep work
I am sure I heard Brad! He laughed!

So off to tape, bows and my paper
Here, I can no longer linger
This evening a birthday celebration
A bottle of wine for birthday girl, I will bring her.

Merry Christmas time
and may the season see you
Through till New Year's Day!


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