Saturday, December 5, 2009


Sunshine stares over a street scene of sameness
Am I sameness today?
Wine mulled and sips supped
beside decadence in decades past.
Our stories streamed past ancient dreams that grew
and faltered and changed
of own accord.
reasons pondered by some, but not always many
Am I sameness today?

Heroes, figures and forgers
they live past, present and future
We pull them into own circus
Dance with and laugh at
Gasp in horror, not to look away.

this is us, this was me, this was you
was meant to be
good, bad, ugly
Trail my hand in God's dream
choice and fate meet
turn carelessly

A wise woman told me
let go of yesterday and tomorrow
they are beyond our control
Today is the only thing we truly hold
and Today I found a friend.


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