Sunday, December 27, 2009

J & G: part II

   Tomorrow finds a joking smile splayed across a silly face. Up, up, I am up! I love you and you and shower you with good tidings of love. Jump up and dance a lovely little silly ditty. Sing loud to make the chickadees titter. My oyster, my pearl is shiny today! What plans for the future that I cannot wait to have unfurl! Oh the Joy I can offer and spread. The key is mine! I will share crumbs of bread to bobbing birds and shreds of meat to a hungry winter prowling critter. Give I give! I make the world a better place. My smiles make my face ache and swell my heart with love.

   Twitches begin again as night falls. The nightmare that just will not end. Sour sweat slick on my skin and through my hair. Gone are the birds. Gone is the sun that sparkled on river banks of yesterdays. Did I see the river yesterday? Was that real or just imagined dreams? Have I ever had real happiness. Has anyone ever cared. Was there ever such a thing as love?

   A shower. Must needs a shower to make the world right. A shower. A better path to wend. Find a friendly face. Stalk away from heathen night terrors. Should they not be relegated to youth? “That is where they came from”, a voice replies. Forget youth. Forget pain. Find sunshine and smiles. Must make the world a better place. A better place. Must find a better place.



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