Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Look

I decided to shake life up a bit this evening. I added some slight changes to my blog page. New colour (the old one was sophisticated, but making me feel drab and dreary). With Autumn colours brilliant outside, I thought I should add a little more colour to my outside edges too.An additional sidebar list, which I will attempt to keep up to date. Some books on my bedside table have been there a while collecting dust (sorry Farley! No offence Catherine), but others are library books and some temporary feel- good titles (ahh,Khalil!) I have joined a new book club, so will probably have some different titles cross my path in the future. I think this is a good thing, as some of my titles are a little too deep and thought-provoking. A good fiction piece is nice to give the poor brain some much-needed leisure time. My poor journal lives there constantly, but has not seen much attention as of late. It goes in fits and starts sometimes and that is all right. It is time for bed though and hopefully my brain will agree with me and find sleep soon. Fingers crossed!


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