Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy H(1n1)lloween!

So it is confirmed. My little girlie does have an issue aside from wanting to bug me. Those darn ears will not leave her alone! Another ear infection. Hopefully that is all, but with our present H1N1 fears raging I was sweating it a little. All the way up to pandemic now. Crazy that this happens in this day and age. Are we not all so super paranoid with our antibacterial soaps and gels. They are commonplace features everywhere now. We have had to re- learn how to sneeze and seem to be becoming fearful enough to potentially give up on handshakes, let alone hugs! I have debated quarantining ourselves and cancelled plans for birthday parties. What craziness is this! Surprising that Halloween is not cancelled for the year. My kids are already bummed about not getting to see their cousins for the weekend. Stupid germs. We need a little more dirt in our life to give our good germs a chance. Wave off the antibacterial gels that wipe out everything in their path. With everything gone we have nothing left to fight!

Ack, who am I kidding? I cannot create a good rant. I am just sulking because my weekend has been ripped off. We have our pumpkin and we shall trick or treat tomorrow. Perhaps I will have a drink tucked into my arm (despite knowing that one should avoid alcohol, caffeine and get lots of sleep) as we scream trick or treat to the masses in our hood. Watch out, we bring the plague in our loot bags! For our treat, the trick is not to get sick! HAAH! BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


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