Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn images

I gaze out my wondow at a beautiful golden yellow world. The leaves are resplendant in their fall coats. Never mind the carpet on the grass. Also beautiful, but reminding me that I have work to do. On the list and near the top; RAKE LEAVES. Next week the weather is slated to get cooler, therefore I should be out there attacking them while the weather is marginally warmer. I sit inside though and admire. I met Murray for coffee this morning. Returned home to scarf a quick lunch and make a couple calls. There are more calls to return, but a visit from a friend curtailed other activities. I am all about being in the present and letting go of what is less important. Face time is important. I cherish it. Therefore the leaves decorate our corner for a little while longer. The angel wings I felt on my back yesterday are there for a reason. I think I got them for my dedication to people. They help me to fly and elevate myself from the large vat of pain that dangles beneath me. What does that mean? Only my sub-concious knows and I have not given it voice today.

Pretty leaves. Yellow world.


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