Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hug Me, Please!

Hug Me, Please! by Przemysław Wechterowicz, Illustrated by Emilia Dziubak, ©2017, words & pictures (a division of Quarto Knows)

Receiving a book in the mail is always a special treat in my world. When a children's book appears, it is even more exciting, especially for my kids. And even though Hug Me, Please! is geared for children aged 3-5 years, my ten-year old immediately grabbed the picture book from my hands and instantly sat down to read this delightful book.

The skillfully illustrated book warms the heart
of anyone who appreciates the power of a hug
Hugging is a favourite pastime of mine, so it is no wonder I was enchanted by this sweet book. Little Bear and Daddy Bear wake up one day and decide that today would make a perfect day to spread some joy in the forest. Their goal—to deliver as many hugs as they can.

"It felt strange but nice." 

Everyone they meet gets a hug. Mr. Beaver is a bit uncertain, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the experience. An Old Elk is surprised, but delighted by his hug. A visiting anaconda receives a hug with pleasure. From old to young, small to large, strangers to the forest, and even characters you might not always think to hug, everyone is included.

This simple story reminds us that we could all use a hug some days. They make us feel good, regardless of who we are or what others may think of us. Thank you for giving me the chance to flip the pages of this colourful book Quarto Group! From feel-good story to beautiful illustrations, I loved Hug Me, Please! And now I feel like I need to pass on a few hugs of my own...



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