Tuesday, July 14, 2015

missing home

Until we parted
I didn't know what home was
the feel
rhythm, sway and dance
of us two
moving as one
thoughts started by you
and caught in my head
shared as only we can.
A gift.

Do you think ...
oh yes!
Should we try ...
always worth it, aye.

two sets of eyes
in unison
capture the world
as one

I didn't know I missed your
jokes, jaunts and joy
til the pauses
filled up with your breath
no longer embraced me
with your glance 

you are home

I need no roof to tell me that
you are where my comfort lies
you are where I smile and cry
you are all up to the skies
I wish the world could compromise
and give us a bigger piece of it

the only answer is 
to hold out
for our tomorrows
and hope
that our hearts survive

I will see you soon

sunset on the road


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