Saturday, March 16, 2013

Silent Saturday

Swimming in the last few drops of
yesterday's sweet suns
squeezed from your skins
stamped from your hearth
as I greedily swill you

Aye, you bring me Saturday night
through the eyes of my clear
Sauvignon Blanc, I see
  days long gone...

Evenings I stood twitching,
shivering in prayers
and short skirts
for late night smiles
from last minute hopefuls.

As the "LAST CALL"
peal was rung,
the rueful cabby
swung (as I still clung)
round to meet us.

He always done drag us off
more often than not
single and three sheets gone
what a loss
(not), I'm afraid.

No thoughts to tomorrow,
painful and vague,
from those ill-conceived concoctions
drunk in earnest
far from sane

Did they ever truly present
sweet dreams or even slim chance
of pleasant tomorrows?
Or rather misty moments lost in time
and willingly forgotten in tonight's

Monday, March 11, 2013

A New Day | A Writer's Take

I have been writing and publishing posts at a New Day for four years now. In fact, this month I will celebrate my fourth anniversary of calling this cherished blog home. It has been a source for deep emotions, plenty of poetry and more than a tale or two. In the last 10 months though (truly more like 7), I have created a new space for my creativity. While I will always know that it was via this blog, and my experiences here, that I was able to forge a new direction in life, namely that of Freelance Writer, I have desired a new outlet for my writing. "A New Day" will always be home to my poetry, but "A Writer's Take" embraces my new career aspirations and offers support to other writers out in the blogosphere. If you haven't had a chance to stop by, I would love it if you did!

Today though, I wanted to share a special article that I posted over at "A Writer's Take". It is hard not to have themes run throughout both blogs, as they are written by the same author (me!), but this post speaks of the beginning of this very blog. I think it does a far cry better job of describing how "A New Day" came to be than any of my first posts that I published here. Do me a favour and take a peek at A New Day | A Writer's Take and leave me a comment to let me know that you stopped by.

And thank you for being along for the ride. You are my strength, my tools and my sunsets, for today is a new day...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Wild Side

A day of rest? 

Lou Reed keeps me company
as I scour corners,
cleanse counters
and discover dark niches 
that never see the light of day

All while the dishwasher washes,
washer & dryers spin
and I play dervish
with the vacuum hose
and iron will to sanitize this home

bloody Sunday
good for nothing or
built for everything good
the house of the lord 
never holds dust
so today
must be one step closer 
to God

hey babe
take a walk on the wild side

and as I try to remember where 
the mop I'm sure I own lives
this feels like
my version of a walk
on the wild side

look at that kat 
go, go, go...

doo, di doo, di doo, doo didoo, doo...


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