Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daa Lobstah

We went to daa coast foa vacashun
We were on daa search foa some lobstah!
Daa craving was East Coast lobstah rolls
and daa place to find em was Baa Haba
only Baa Haba lobstah rolls would do!

We tasted daa sea on our cheeks
We touched daa ocean wid our toes
We ate every morsel of lobstah
from daa lobstah rolls at daa lobstah pound
and den went back for one moe...

Now my belly, she is round
And I fear daet I cannot eat even one moe bite
But daer is still anotha day close to daa ocean
And daa lobstah she does call me in the night
oh, daa lobstah, she does call me in the night.

Fresh Maine Lobstah!


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