Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday's Email of the Week: More Manly

Saturday's Email of the Week

Well my men folk friends, I should save this for you for Father's Day, but I cannot wait that long. I technically came across this video due to an email that was sent to me by YouTube. It wasn't this video that I originally clicked through on, but this was the next one up and much funnier. Are you manly enough to handle it?

As for me today, I shall be heading out of town to celebrate our Canadian Long Weekend. Happy Victoria Day fellow Canucks! I will be pseudo-camping (in a trailer minus electricity or running water), but full-on enjoying the first official Canadian weekend of summer. You want to bet I will have an icy beer, a steak on the fire and my plaid wrapped around me after the sun goes down. Hoo baby, I cannot wait! The girls are excited to try their hand at fishing with my new Manly friend. I bet he will be able to handle an axe a little better than the manly man in this video though.

So if you are North of the border, enjoy all the sunshine that is forecasted to come our way my friends all weekend long. For those of you South of the border, you will get your turn next weekend. Patience! Have a super weekend everyone!


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