Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fallen Angels

fallen angels
trapped between heaven
and guttersnipe's heels
on the way to nowhere
and tomorrow's hopes,
dreams and fears.

yea, thou I
on fashionable highs
at the end
of this day
I curl around
my solitary pillow dreams
and leave
deposits of soulful
sorrows, wet
as my promise
is a new

What are your dreams for a new day? Go mention them to G-Man. He will listen, offer commentary in 55 words, then book! Sorry G, I will have to work on that central plotline, but this is 55 words! 8:01 and posted!


  1. Nice, I like this one. And bonus points for tossing in a cool word like "guttersnipes"! :)

  2. Kat...
    Don't you dare apologize for this...
    I Loved your story.
    It was a story, and it had a central character!
    It was PERFECT!!
    Thanks for playing, Thanks for your great support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. @Me: I kind of liked that addition myself. Thank you sweetie!

  4. @G-Man: Aw, thanks G. And thanks for the prompt. I kind of like how it turned out myself.

  5. whats up with you and C and central plotlines..smiles...tomorrow is a new day for sure...oh yeah guttersnipes is a cool word...

  6. @Brian: Haha, g had a wish list earlier in the week for his flash "fiction" Fridays.

    well, I wait with bated breath for my tomorrow. Just fear the guttersnipe's heels squashing me before reaching that new day

  7. I love that you got "a new day" in there, Katherine. This was a soulful piece. And I do believe it had everything required for a fabulous flash fiction of 55 stunning words.

  8. Living in the south, we are required to say at least once daily "Tomorrow is another day"! Ha. I think you did quite well with this 55.

  9. Yes, its another day.

    Have a great weekend ~

  10. the reason why I long for sleep, to renew my day and begin again

  11. I've never been able to get there first at 8pm either. Your flash is 55 words,and I like flying on fashionable highs. Let the plot come next time.

  12. @Talon: Thanks Talon. A new day is the promise of why we are all here, right.

  13. @Margaret: Pretty good policy there Margaret

    @Heaven: Peace to you

  14. @Christine: It just renews the faith doesn't it? Thanks Christine

    @Yvonne: I was surprised to be so close to the top at all! Thanks for stopping by Yvonne. :)


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