Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It all started with a look;
first tentative glances
hidden under smiling brows and
my heart strung out on adrenaline's maybes
   oh yes, baby,
   maybe, maybe...

You looked at me
and my smile grew wider.
My soul tripped over clumsy feet
forgotten how to walk
  just want to talk
  and maybe walk...

A finger brushed,
then explored my waiting hand
while exploding senses
lit fire to the world.
   my sanity unfurled
   to maybe step in your world...

Now steps fall soft
and periphery cartoons
fade to tucked away corners
of my mind with a kiss;
   for this little miss,
   maybe just a kiss...

Swept into nevermore
on first love's bliss
memories shine and blur.
Was it really like this?
  heaven in a kiss
  or did I maybe dream this?

I hold the light
of fairy tale bright,
yet know that love's breath grows old
and shrugged shoulders cold,
but still I dream
love exists yet, I scream!
   the world echoes back
   Maybe, maybe...


I  believe in  fairy  tales and  lover's  eyes. 
My  heart sings poetry with every beat
& I live to hear those words resound.
Speak to me of love
and poetry.
Sing to me your OneShot


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