Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Summer clothes have been put away. Sweaters and socks have been pulled out and freshly laundered. Winter coats and boots have been sized out and wait for the first flecks of snow that will tinge the air. This past week we saw much rain in my part of the world. Blissfully sunshine streamed through windows yesterday and today. Thanksgiving weekend promises to be a wonderful one and for that I give thanks. : D 

Despite the rain, I wandered through the garden this week in a spare moment. Frost has not bade goodbye to growth and colour in my world as of yet. I was pleasantly surprised to find many plants still flourishing. Today I share my soggy sojourn in the garden with you. I shall be off to my sister's house this weekend stuffing myself full of turkey and mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and pumpkin beer. Happy Friday and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

Toad Lilies

Toad lilies are some of my favourite fall flowers. They are quite delicate looking, but serve to brighten up the rather dull surroundings this time of year.


This gentle dahlia might be shyly hiding its bloom, but it still brings smiles to my face.

Berries on the Burning Bush

The burning bush offers up some treats for any bird who happens to have a yen.

Oops, missed one! A nasty thistle will make anyone howl in pain if they don't watch their step in my front yard.

Common Dandelion: Waiting to blow its babies throughout the yard

Next years crops should be bountiful with this little guy ready to let fly with his seeds of renewal. Oh well, yellow carpets are pretty, I guess.


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