Friday, October 22, 2010

The first tender day

As their car drove out of sight, I looked around me at the glorious day that was. Sunshine filtered through the sparse crabapple and I decided it was time. Yes, with the sun's relative warmth upon my face, I released a smile to the world. Today would be the first tender day to rake the leaves of Autumn. 

I gathered up rakes, gardening gloves and the many yard waste bags we would need to begin the task at hand. Don't get me started on the bags though, as paper may be environmentally friendly, but just add a little rainfall or two and those bags shred like there's no tomorrow. I mean really, don't they know that it rains every other day in the Fall? Maybe not in your part of the world, but in Southern Ontario it seems to have rained pretty regular the last few weeks. How is a paper bag supposed to survive that? Hrumph; I digress...

So the lawn got raked
and the pile it grew

until all that could be seen
was two little heads poking through

I couldn't resist
their playful ways
So I dove right in
to the leaf pile fray

Attacked by the littlest one
I resisted not a wit
as who can resist that smile?
  pfft- not even a little bit
but friends don't you worry
that this caused me to frown

 as you can clearly see
I did not fail and drown

and in case you think you missed it,
but still wanted to help out
bring along your rakes and gloves, 
for there's still more to throw about!



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