Friday, October 15, 2010

The Clean House

Through yonder window
I do peek
while head bends
to the floor.

If only, 
if only the floor
were clean
then I could go outdoors

but no
I labour and 
scrub below
the view of grass still green.

bright promises glint
reflecting day's descent
left darkened on
knees of nevermore.

breezes blow
past brushes path
small mercies
on a cheek so keen.

Aye, by lantern light
rest will come to alight 
on  thine house that sparkles bright
and a woman laid to bed, goodnight!

This is my take on the Magpie prompt this week. I have been cleaning in preparation for visitors this weekend, so envisioned myself on the floor scrubbing, looking up longingly at the tease of the outside world. Life kind of looked like that today.


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