Friday, July 23, 2010

Arnie's Carnage

White sacrifices against
a blue streak of speed; Arnie.
Fluttering wings gone,
parted on our altar.
Some up and over, but…
            A splattered windshield
            We have.

Ohh, delicate and soft
 they look from this side;
That side, fluttering
stopped on a grill of one hundred.
            Repentance done.

A lifted wiper releasing
The lifeblood; body
less white than
the green smear;
             your reminder
            Remainder …demeanor

Sorry thoughts do not clean our
Windshield of splashed destruction.
Only a gas station attendant who
Tosses away the waste
To the ground;
 a return.
Wings to earth

A clean slate
ready to protect us
in faith
from gritty smiles wake
Bang. smear


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