Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Rainstorm

I have kissed.
I have caressed.
I have listened to the wind.

   Our Karma did not hold.

I have laughed.
I have cried.
I have held your heavy hands.

   Our Karma did not hold.

The elements,
yours and mine,
Do not match;
   Such could have been foreseen?

I thrive in my natural element; water.
You survive in the air
as a cloud,

I can be a part of you,
live in your cloud,
visit the air,
   but not forever.

We separate and go our own ways.
I drop out of your skies,
Quench my thirst in my lake
   And sigh.

Our experiences lie in memories.

So for now I release your hands.
I wipe away my tears
and check my laughter.

I will wait for the until.
The until of tomorrow.
Until we meet again
   in different time and place.
Until we share again
   and laugh, and cry, and be.
Until the skies call for me again
Where I will survive for an instant
And then become memory again.


 Go see Jingle for the Thursday Poet's Rally. She always has new poets in her roster and it is well worth a gander. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thursday!


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